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ADIDAS romantic romance ad Marketing – sports and leisure sector – Machined Parts Supplier

Ad free is a wolf in the world, not too many rules, the present system may be as much waste disposed of tomorrow, you can learn so hard for some of the ad theory, can learn, but not blind, can not deny their own ideas and this is where innovation. to pay Adidas 2008 Olympic Games as a TOP, by more than 40 million dollars in the price and then enjoy ADIDAS and no waste of resources, the public, with its own against rivals. For some time, has to play this on TV ADIDAS ads. Commercials NBA stars KG is KEVINGARRNET, Minnesota Timberwolves 21 Kevin? Garnett. In this short 30-second commercials, KG played five roles, and thus the advertising divided into five short paragraphs is? Assembly approach. In the first clip, as a war commander KD, the artillery stressed on the battlefield, the peace flutters, the “Leadership Team” concept, the second clip, KG suddenly become a black knight, relief to the civilian population, the concept of “Stand Up”; third segment is the Colosseum in ancient Greece to the gladiator fights, emergence, “the end” of the faith, the fourth segment KG suits and ties stressed with ease of speech quite a gentleman, the concept of “active atmosphere” quality; Last KG picked up a basketball, has become a true self, “This is KG. ADIDAS, until finally clear up doubt.

 Must be sure first that this is a successful advertising, it comes from the romantic atmosphere, but it has become a classic ad. Everyone knows that advertising is not art, but the ads do not taste in art, not necessarily not in accordance with the rules of the market? Not impossible, well. On advertising to market its romantic expression in the following main aspects verkörpert.Erstens, the film is an ad requires many structural elements, but a necessary element in more TV advertising, TV advertising is the diversity possible. KG the display on the screen and the next screen, the language that speculated that implied by the five fragments of film and television can be. The first segment is the implication, “Band of Brothers” is Spielberg’s masterpiece, also reflects the team spirit and leadership qualities, the second fragment suggests that the “Matrix” and “Spider-Man” and other films, can be seen from the dress a typical hacker fought, and to save a scene reminiscent of the classic Spider-Man, and third fragments hint of “Gladiator”, the epic kind of film. This is indeed a structuralist approach in the use of film advertising. In the last actual, popular in the West, the impact on China’s structuralism, poststructuralism, and other practices that continue their own vitality. Ning Caishen screenwriter of “My Own Swordsman” can be seen as the successful practice of post-structuralism, and can be emotional in the advertising industry in general use case of the structuralist approach has to be an ad a great view of the improvement. Second, the Troika Adidas and Nike is an enemy of life and death, to overcome NIKE, ADIDAS no money to spare in the acquisition of Reebok, but in basketball, Nike is still the heart or Adidas. Therefore Adidas basketball shoes, which work under the foot. Adidas NBA invited three stars to do their own voice, image and create their special shoes, McGrady (TracyMcGrady)? Grey Red Color “T-Mac5″; Garnett (KelvinGarnett)? Red White Blue “KG3″; Duncan (TimDuncan)? adidas_1 wisdom basketball shoes. ADIDAS rare advertising for the three ad tailored, this ad is very rare. 2006NBA league start, McGrady’s advertising, “God is moved to tears,” McGrady is talking about is a classic tournament. Documented McGrady star style, and the ad-KG, which takes 90% of their time in the good quality of mining KG, while the description of such good quality, but also a romantic way, replaced resourceful with an image of flying pieces intuitive and have an effect, and is committed and. Thirdly, the wolf and China a few years ago, saying that the worship of the wolf, it is difficult for people to accept what is beyond repair. But because a “Wolf Totem”, the reality has changed, cultural and business people from the wild wolves worship. In order to know in the West, the Nordic mythology, werewolves, but a task, cattle, a movie, “Dark Legend” is a story about werewolves and vampires. KG to be effective in Minnesota, and its quality all embody the spirit and character of the wolf, as Garnett known. ADIDAS might not have thought of “Wolf Totem” is to do something with their shoes are sold, but in reality is still a great relationship.

 KG, the wild wolf represents, if the Chinese do not like wolves, everyone cried wolf eradication, as has been described by Wolf Pu, promote as dead under the influence of the works of great satisfaction to brand Garnett is no market, and in the Spirit of the Wolf’s popular now to say Garnett and Adidas brand promotion and modernization, by the “Wolf Totem”, the east wind. In this changing times, there is no uniform standard, a gust of wind, the current 180-degree turn impact changes everything, especially in marketing circles. By the ad, we should also recognize that advertising should be especially sensitive to cultural fashion, good coverage of the use of cultural change, be a change in thinking, to create hundreds of millions of wealth. Fourth, the renaissance of the Renaissance era, the era of the rise of capitalism, is a longing for people, the era of romanticism. It embodies the spirit of humanism, that is the progress of the concentrated expression. In today’s advertising industry, continue to use celebrities to do ads have become a trend. No criticism of this phenomenon. So what is money to the results and often unsatisfactory. The reason is not the star of the brand personality, combined satisfied with monotonous green ceases with the star as a brand personality is set, she lost the charm of the original stars. Why have some word of mouth advertising are the stars, or even destroy the star, the reason for it. When Pu Cunxin lost in advertising on the screen are good evaluation. ADIDAS stars ads are intentionally avoided. KG ad would be 90% of the content is on the spiritual quality of the KG, the quality and has a

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