Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Industrial machinery for the 21 Century

The 21 Century inherits most of the comforts of the industrial work of the discoveries and inventions made a century ago. Computing and telecommunications technologies are some of his furious pace of growth and development in the last 50 years seen. Miniaturization in the electronics and data from those computers and telecommunications gadgets not only small enough to hold in your hand, but more powerful and affordable for the common man and military aerospace and engineering contributed much of the impetus for the spearhead developments in these areas. And as a result they have entered the commercial industries that made life at home and in the office much more productive and comfortable. Mainframes and super computers Airlines and the airline industry has long been mainframe computers at home. These are extremely robust machines that perform multiple tasks without any problems that may do harm, in our house and desktop PCs. The demands of the economy often require the continuous availability of computer and network resources.

Only industrial-grade computer can fill that need. The last years of the 20th Century saw the emergence of mini-computers that are cheaper than department computers highly concentrated due to their specific computing resource, how can the accounting or purchasing functions. They can be networked to enable a seamless access to data on the levels of the organization. But while they have achieved industrial-strength features, mainframes and supercomputers, not behind him and limped to the basic food computing resources in large industrial and commercial buildings remain. Global markets have companies now confront mainframes made the ideal core brain in large corporations. Super-computer, organize thoughts and process billions of data points processed in parallel computers, can do what are called super computers. have the special effects in movies, moves the audience anything but realistic sounds and visuals, and the computers that await these images process, requiring much computing power as a CPU for each pixel screen that only make massively parallel computers the job can.

RoboticsThis is a highly specialized computer application, which is basically a powerful computer output peripheral. Instead of using a printer as output device, mobile robotics and agile fittings employ as output devices that can manipulate objects to achieve an end product or an object. Automobile plants, these robots can grip panel types of forging, paint and assemble them with a consistent precision people would have difficulties to reach. And all these are controlled remotely by computers in an office. Similarly, large warehouses have installed automated systems with robots on rails parallel to the storage racks and shelves and remotely controlled by computers. These robots can feel the storage and retrieval of data or get the necessary parts and materials for distribution, without the need for human intervention. Dangerous conditions at work can be easily and effectively carried out by robots costs. Bomb squads and military units they have to cope with life-threatening situations. Unmanned military reconnaissance aircraft are in essence, that the robots flying remote sensing of enemy targets. The 1986 Chernobyl accident plan made clear that the task of the robot cleaning up radioactive and chemical accidents that have the potential to do a person do to kill it would. For the 21 Century industry, we can expect more and more robotic technology to do the work. Mainframes and supercomputers can directly behind them, these remote control robot with increasing efficiency in complex jobs.