Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

The Italian industrial machine

The Italian industry, one of the top components of international leadership is building, machine tools, robots and automation technology and, by some distinctive elements that make it a unique entity characterized in the world panorama. The “diversity” is already clear in the complex structure of production, much more fragmented than in other countries. The vast majority of the more than 400 companies in Italy is provided, in fact, small and medium size: the typical company, the machine-tool, whose management is directly produced by the operator, not occupy more than 70 employees, compared to 200 employees that the average represented by the German and Japanese industries, also much more vertically integrated. The small size of these companies is best achieved by the Italian producers able to do in every corner of the world thanks to its qualities of flexibility and agility that used no other manufacturer has ever been able to get fully expressed.
Not by coincidence, are among the most remarkable abilities of the Italian manufacturer of industrial equipment developed there is the provision of personalized devices and machines that are made according to the specific requirements of users. What is the quality of this sector of the Made in Italy it is significant that almost 70% of machine tools in Italy is produced electronically controlled, 20% of which is part of the integrated systems (cells and systems of more than three machines manufactured). Italian industry, machine tools, robots and automation is produced by companies whose management is ensured in most cases result from the entrepreneurs to export and marked by a strong tendency of high quality. In addition to quality, flexibility, reliability and customization, the Italian offer is also a trade policy that leads to the principle that technology should be shared application marked companies to offer in all markets with an approach of full availability of the dialogue and cooperation.
Shortly before the economic crisis, Italy was in fourth place among the international manufacturers of industrial machinery, Japan, Germany and China. A placement of all respect for a nation certainly not full of resources. been in the first four months of the year, a sharp decline in exports registered as a steady decline in imports (in line with expectations). Total exports fell by 19.3% over the same period of 2008 and reached € 756,000,000. Now, after a bad year, the orders are starting to rise again, what a little breath entrepreneurs. Total imports increased by 50.3% in 2008, for a value of 240 million euros. This brings the Italian companies to be cutting edge in production techniques and marketing strategies to search. Not by chance, now the e-commerce sector is strong, which promises to be on a different channel for good sales. This article was written by Martina Meneghetti, with the support of Utensili of Tools For more information, visit the written sicurezza Macchine Utensili, please visit Rivenditori Macchine Utensili